Orthodontic treatment begins between the ages of 8-14.  Dental experts agree that starting treatment while a child is still growing helps produce better results and prevents more serious problems later.  The recommended age for the first orthodontic evaluation is 7, or the first sign of any orthodontic problem.

Adults will also benefit from orthodontic treatment. It’s never too late to correct problems such as crooked, crowded teeth, overbites, incorrect jaw position or jaw disorders.  Correcting orthodontic problems creates a great smile and improved function of the teeth. It is also easier to clean between teeth and helps maintain an overall healthier mouth. Both traditional braces and clear aligners, Invisalign™ and Clear Correct™, are choices for adults.


Types of Braces

orthodontic braces

Traditional Braces

Traditional braces are metal or ceramic (tooth colored) brackets attached to the patients teeth.


Clear Aligners

orthodotic clear bracesInvisalign and Clear Correct

Invisalign and Clear Correct aligner systems make use of a series of almost undetectable clear plastic aligners which fit precisely to your teeth. Invisalign and Clear Correct aligners are removable, and can be used instead of traditional braces to straighten your teeth.


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Traditional Braces